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The Shipibo tribe is an ethnic group from the Peruvian Amazon, it is known in the modern world for its ability to make handicrafts with designs of abstract geometric shapes, and for its outstanding and famous shamans who are considered the best because they dominate the world of spiritual dimensions and mental power whose application in health favors the well-being of humanity.

The Shipibo tribe has an approximate population of 30,000 inhabitants, they live in villages of 20 to 200 families, the village is directed by a Cacique elected by all the members, its form of traditional and political organization is protected by laws promulgated by the Peruvian State; by ancestral right and legally they own large extensions of land.

The life of this tribe depends directly on the resources that exist in their territories, they make sustainable management and use of their natural resources, they practice fishing and hunting, they develop subsistence agriculture; They generate economy with the trade of handicrafts, wood and the cultivation of bananas and corn.

Despite the pressures of modern life, they have been able to resist and maintain their cultural traditions for centuries. A Shipibo is proud of his language and his clothing, although they currently live two cultures:

the traditional and the modern.

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